Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, popularly known as Ethiopian, is the flag carrier airline of Ethiopia. It was established in 1945 and thus being one of the oldest aviation service providers in the world. Ethiopian Airlines is a major air carrier that operates flights to 127 international and 22 domestic destinations with a fleet size of 134. It is wholly owned by the Ethiopian Government. Airline is always known to have acquired the latest trends and technologies in the operation. Because of continues and seamless operations for the past 70 years, the airline has become one of the major names in Africa. Addis Ababa Bole International Airport is the main hub of Ethiopian Airlines with a secondary hub at Lomé-Tokoin International Airport. The Ethiopian Airlines has won many awards in recent years including ‘The Best Airline of Africa’, ‘The Best Business Class in Africa’ and ‘The Best Economy Class in Africa’. It has been awarded as the four star airlines for its dedication and services to the passengers. Ethiopian Airlines is a member of International Air Transport Association since 1959 and of African Airline Association since 1968. Ethiopian Airlines joined the Start Alliance in December 2011.

Frequent-Flyer Program

Ethiopian Airlines runs a frequent-flyer program named ShebaMiles. Under this program, frequent-flyers may earn privilege points. As a member of ShebaMiles, members accumulate miles which will entitle them to award tickets, award upgrades, access to executive lounges, additional free baggage allowance and many other privileges. The more they fly the higher the benefits. Since December 2011, ShebaMiles has a frequent flyer program partnership agreement with over 28 airlines including all the Star Alliance member airlines and over 80 non-airline partners (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers etc…) where members have the privilege to earn miles whenever they use the services of these partners.

Ethiopian Airlines In-Flight Services/Cabins/Travel Class

Economy Class

Ethiopian Airlines offers an award winning Economy Class. The cabin includes a number of amenities like comfortable seats, delicious food and a number of in-flight entertainment options. A wide range of beverages, snacks and cocktails is offered by friendly and multi language speaking crew members of the cabin. The Ethiopian hospitality is a treat to experience. Reclining seats and on-demand audio and video with more than 80 channels are offered on a 8.9 inch personalized TV display. However some of these amenities may vary depending on the route and type of flight.

Business Class-

The Ethiopian Airlines has named its Business Class as Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine is one of the finest cabins offered under Business Class across all African Airlines. It is a luxury in the air. A number of amenities are provided under the Cloud Nine including a variety of reading material and in-flight entertainment options. Additional baggage allowance, priority boarding, access to special lounges are some of many privileges offered on Cloud nine cabins. Specially designed seats are fully stretchable and convertible to a full flat bed. The Cloud Nine class is offered on short-haul, medium-haul and all long-haul flights. A number of dishes having a variety of international tastes with a blend of original natural ingredients are prepared by famous chefs and professionals in the cooking business. You can enjoy both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a long list to choose from. Videos, music, video games and numerous other entertaining options will add more to your travelling experience.

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance/Baggage Policy

Carry-On Baggage

Cloud Nine Class Carry-On Baggage Allowance:

Maximum No of pieces- 2

Maximum Weight- 7kg each

Maximum dimension- 23 X 40 X 55 cm

Economy Class Carry-On Baggage Allowance:

Maximum No of pieces- 1

Maximum Weight- 7kg

Maximum dimension- 23 X 40 X 55 cm

Note: Star Alliance Gold passengers traveling in First/Business class are entitled to at least 2 pieces of carry-on luggage weighing 7kg each with the dimension of each pieces 23 x 40 x 55 (cm).

Carry-on baggage should be suitable for placement in the over-head rack or under the passenger’s seat. The sum of the three dimensions (L+W+H) must not exceed (23 x 40 x 55 cm)


Free Checked Baggage/Free Baggage Allowance

Following are the general rules or instructions for free checked baggage in Ethiopian Airlines-

• The maximum weight limit in a single bag is 32KG

• The sum of three dimension (Length + Width + Height) must not exceed 158CM (62Inches)

• If your travel starts in the United States and the first airline on your booking is not Ethiopian, different rule may apply.

• Baggage will be accepted for check-in, only if it properly packed and prevents damage to the contents. Light cardboard boxes, paper bags and similar non-durable materials are not acceptable. If the passenger so insists, it shall be accepted upon using Limited Release Tags, relieving Ethiopian from any damage claim.

• Acceptance of items which may cause damage to other baggage will be refused unless properly packed

Baggage Allowance

Cloud Nine Class Checked Baggage Allowance:

Maximum No of pieces- 2*

Maximum Weight- 32 kg each *(or 3 pieces maximum 23 kg each)

Sum of dimension= not to exceed from 158 cm

Economy Class Checked Baggage Allowance:

Maximum No of pieces- 2

Maximum Weight- 23 kg each

Sum of dimension= not to exceed from 158 cm

Ethiopian Airlines Extra Baggage Terms and Conditions

Any baggage exceeding the allowed limit may result in extra charges. You can purchase extra baggage trough different modes mentioned in the extra baggage terms and conditions section of the official website of Ethiopian Airlines. The Airlines has set following terms and conditions about the baggage exceeding the above limits of size and weight-

1. The excess baggage rates are only applicable on Ethiopian operated flights only.

2. The excess baggage rates shall be applicable per journey and Addis Ababa should be a transfer point (e.g., for the one-way itinerary London-Addis Ababa-Zanzibar, the Excess baggage charge shall be assessed for London-Zanzibar), but if Addis Ababa is a stopover then charge shall be accessed per sector as London-Addis Ababa plus Addis Ababa-Zanzibar

3. Excess baggage fee Payment is non-refundable/non-re routable unless the cancelation is involuntary by Ethiopian airlines.

4. Any baggage with total dimensions exceeding 300 cm (118 inches) cannot be transported as checked baggage and must be sent as cargo or freight.

5. Excess baggage is non-endorsable and non-transferable between passengers.

6. Maximum allowed weight per checked bag is 32 kg (70 lbs).

7. Your purchase is valid for the amount (piece with maximum weight or maximum weight), flight(s) and date(s) shown on the purchase receipt.

8. Only ticketed passengers can benefit from excess baggage sales service

9. Specifically, defined items such as sports equipment/musical instrument shall not be considered within the scope of excess baggage status. Allowances for baggage under special status can be purchased at sales offices/ticket office/call center or any Ethiopian office nearby.

10. Purchase of excess bags for group passengers (10 and above) is available only at the airport at the check in Counter.

11. Extra baggage cannot be purchased from online channel if another airline is involved in the journey.

Excess Baggage Charges for Ethiopian Airlines

Excess baggage charges may vary depending on your route, Travel class etc. in general following are the charges for additional or excess baggage-

1. USD200.00 will apply for each additional piece (bag) weighing up to 23kg (50Lb) on the sectors between Addis Ababa to Washington D.C., Newark, New York (JFK) and Chicago or vice versa.

2. USD250.00 will apply for each additional piece (bag) weighing up to 23kg (50Lb) on the sector from Washington D.C., Newark, New York (JFK) and Chicago to Middle East and Asia.

3. USD200.00 will apply for each additional piece (bag) weighing up to 23kg (50Lb) on the sector from Washington D.C., Newark, New York (JFK) and Chicago to any other destination other than Addis Ababa and Middle East and Asia on Ethiopian Airlines’ route network.

4. For passengers originating from USA, outside Washington D.C, Newark, New York (JFK) and Chicago, please contact the first carrier for excess baggage information.

5. In Economy Class, when the number of pieces is within the free baggage allowance while the weight of the bags is over 23kg but less than 32kg (51-70Lb) the excess baggage charge will be USD60.00 per each bag.

Ethiopian Airlines’ Change, Cancellation and Refund Policy

24 Hours Cancellation

As per Ethiopian Airlines 24-hour Cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a flight booked on Ethiopian Airlines within 24 hours of the purchase. Ethiopian Airlines will provide a complete refund of your ticket cost in case the booking was made a week or more prior to the departure date of your Ethiopian Airlines flight.

The Ethiopian Airlines has the right to change 24 hours cancellation policy any time.

In other conditions also, the Airline offers a simple and transparent cancellation policy. Let us know about it through the following terms & conditions-

• According to the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers are only applicable to the reservations booked online or by contacting the Ethiopian airline reservation department.

• The travelers are allowed to cancel the booking tickets with 24-hour cancellation with a no-cancellation fee.

• If the cancellation is outside the free cancellation period, then the passenger requests to reimbursement a cancellation fee depending on their travel route, class, and fare type.

· Besides, in the case of non-refundable fares, the traveler is mandatory to pay a cancellation fee of $125.


What if Ethiopian Airlines cancels a flight?

In any circumstances, if Ethiopian cancels a flight, then the airline is responsible to let the passengers know about the cancellation within the time that is enough to change the journey.

According to Ethiopian Airlines Same Day Cancellation Policy, if travelers are required to cancel their flight tickets online, then they can do so. If the travelers find an error then on the same day, they are required to look at the policy which clearly states to cancel flight ticket on the same day immediately.


Why the flights are cancelled?

Generally, Ethiopian Airlines does not cancel flights. But in case, often it does, Ethiopian cancel flights or delayed due to bad weather conditions, technical issues or any other immediate reason, then the airline allows the passengers to rebook tickets for the next available flight immediately. Well, Ethiopian Airlines No Show Penalty or late cancellation with 24 hours of flight denature is using USD 100 that is equivalent INR per travelers.

Change Policy

Following are the general Rules and Regulations for Exchange-

· You have to provide full information while placing a change request on the official website of the Ethiopian Airlines.

· Price of different tickets or destinations is always subject to change.

· If a date change is requested on or after the flight date, an additional NO SHOW fee will be charged.

· For bookings originally made on mob app/Ethiopian Airlines official website you may directly process exchange by visiting the above platforms.

· Be informed that once you place a request, the action will not be reversed.

How To Cancel a Ticket for Ethiopian Airlines

Follow these steps to cancel a ticket booked for Ethiopian Airlines

1. Visit Ethiopian Airlines official website.

2. Log in to the account by entering the asked credentials.

3. Go to the “manage bookings” section, and then follow the on screen instructions i.e. enter the flight name, passenger’s details such as the name of the passengers and mobile number into the correct fields

4. Next, choose the “Cancel” button and then follow the on-screen instructions to make a cancellation task.

You will receive the cancellation details on the email and phone number provided during the cancellation process.


· After deducting the charges the whole amount will be transferred to the same source of payment used to book ticket.

Refund may take up to 7 to 1

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