British Airways

British Airways

Being the flag carrier airline of United Kingdom, British Airways has it’s headquarter in London, close to its main hub the Heathrow Airport. In terms of fleet size and passenger carried, British Airways is the second largest US based Airline. It is also one of the oldest airlines in the world and so, is called a veteran in the business. With a huge fleet size of 254, British Airways connect 183 small and major destinations. In January 2011 British Airways merged with Iberia to form ‘International Airlines Group’ (IAG) one of the world’s largest airlines. This huge network is comprehensively able to connect all the major countries and destinations in all the continents around the globe. British Airways is rated among the best service providers on the basis of its air fares, travel comfort, baggage handling, ground support and secure travel. For the quality of its airport and onboard products and services it has been rated as a 4 star airline. This rating is given for its expertise in comfortable seats, amenities, food & beverages, cleanliness etc. it is also among the best chosen options for secure air travel. Their hospitality is praised in the feedbacks given by the passengers, most of them say that BA offers a warm welcome and flight attendants are sincere, decent, helpful and professionals.

Why to choose BA?

Here are some reasons that advocate why one should choose BA as the flying option-

Covering a number of destinations: Among all the major destinations, there’s hardly a place where BA doesn’t fly. So while choosing your air travel option, rest assure about the destination you’re planning for, as BA will safely take you there right according to your itinerary. Their network is not confined here, because they are constantly expanding it every passing year.

Customer Service: on the basis of the passengers’ feedback, it is safe to say that BA consistently goes beyond the basic courtesy and truly illustrates great customer support. They are always ready to resolve your queries and available 24×7 on the toll free helpline numbers. The cheeriness of flight attendants while greeting the passengers make even the longer journey less boring and stressful.

Affordable Fares: British Airways’ time to time price revival, exclusive deals, offers and affordable membership plans are the core of its popularity. They keep comparing their prices with their competitors to maintain best fares, every time you book your travel with BA.

Rewards Program: British Airways provide rewards points on bookings which are known as Avios, a virtual currency. Avios are earned on shopping across all the BA partner’s platforms that include grocery stores, hotels, car agencies etc. These points are used to supplement the fares for which the customers pay in cash. Isn’t it incredible?

Unmatched in-flight experience: British Airways is always committed to improve its services and make the airlines the best. Their clean, specious and comfortable aircrafts are playing an important role in making it so. Over the year BA has emerged as the best travel experience providers in UK based airlines. More legroom, more comfortable seats and a convenient boarding and de-boarding process are the areas of BA’s expertise.

Baggage Handling: However there are very few reports of damage or loss of baggage in transit, BA offers a fair policy for baggage claims. A separate department is always ready to help you in this manner.

All these specialties make British Airways a great option to choose for your air travel. But there is no better way to know about something than experiencing it personally. So do it yourself by booking your journey with British Airways.