Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is popularly known as Emirates. It is one of the top two airlines of United Arab Emirates (the other being Etihad Airways). It maintains its main hub at Dubai International Airport. The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group which is owned by the Government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is considered as the largest airline of Middle East. With a fleet size of 262, Emirates carry millions of passengers each year connecting 152 destinations (6 continents) around the globe.

According to a report, Emirates operates over 3600 flights per week. It is the world’s fourth largest airline by schedule revenue passenger-kilometers flown, and the second largest in terms of freight tone kilometers flown. It is among the most chosen airlines by travelers within and outside UAE. The Airlines is known for its modern, efficient and comfortable aircrafts. Through its crew and members, Emirates has successfully created a culturally diverse atmosphere on board. The airline has been appreciated by millions for its services during the recent pandemic. They have created a peerless network of security for their passengers. The Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group says-“We will protect our customers, staff and assets through a ceaseless commitment to international and all other appropriate safety standards and the adoption of practices which emphasize safety as a paramount personal responsibility.” In 2020 it was also regarded as the largest international airline according to IATA’s World Air Transport Statistics 2021. The Safety Management System (SMS) of Emirates is guided by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which fully meets the regulatory requirements of the General Civil Aviation Association (GCA). Its subsidiaries include Arabian Adventures, Congress Solutions International, Emirates Holidays and Emirates tours. Emirates runs a frequent flyer program under the name “Emirates Skywards.” The airline has collaborated with other airlines but is not a member of any of the three global airline alliances- Onewrorld, Sky Team or Star Alliances. In 2021, Emirates has been voted ‘Best Airline Worldwide’ for the record 8th consecutive year, by The Business Traveler Middle East Award 2021. It is among the top 5 in the list of Skytrax’s World’s Top 100 airlines. Because of its high standards and great services, Emirates has consistently maintained its place among the most chosen airlines by the travelers around the globe.


Emirates is always known for providing comfortable and luxurious travel. The airline offers following four cabins to its customers-

· First Class

· Business Class

· Premium Economy Class

· Economy Class

1- First Class

There are two cabins offered under First Class by Emirates. These are A380 First Class and Boeing 777 First Class both known for extreme comfort and sheer privacy. The say that ‘close the privacy doors and you are in the world of your own.’ These cabins are known for offering a home like feel to the customers. You can privately enjoy the cocktails, fresh and fine dining, showers and spas over the clouds. Seats are convertible in to a flat bed for comfortable sleep. Your private cabin is well equipped with facilities like, USB charging hubs, power outlets, headphones and a number of entertainment options. First class also includes chauffeur drive to the airport, access to luxury airport lounges and access to a number of food and beverages options. The cabin crew is always committed to provide you the World’s best in-flight experience. They maintain higher standards of safety and service delivery. The crew includes a number of young professionals, from different nationalities. They speak a number of language to make it easy for you to interact whether you belong to any part of the world. So this class is all about the experience of a true luxury in your own private room in the sky.

2- Business Class

Emirates’ Business Class a prefect blend entertainment, comfort and convenience. It is also considered as the most luxurious class offered by airlines in the world. The Emirates run two business classes- Emirates A380 Business Class and Boeing 777 Business Class. Chauffeur services, access to VIP lounges, dedicated faster check-ins, more baggage allowance, a huge range of food and beverages options are some of the many amenities offered by Emirates in the different categories of Business class. When it comes to in-flight experience, you will find that the cabin is laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration with quick access to the aisle. The interiors includes exquisite designing architecting features with wooden touch. The seats are with 1.5 meter long pitch that recline to a 2 meter long angled flat beds. Massage functions, privacy partition, winged headrest with six way movements are some features of these seats. You can enjoy a comfortable sleep during longer journeys. Besides you will find overhead reading lights, in-seat power supply, USB port and socket for laptop connection. Over 60 channels and an array of entertainment options can be enjoyed on your personal HD TV screen. The crew members are so attentive and polite that you feel a kind of affinity during the travel. Over all Emirates’ Business class is a treat in itself.

3- Premium Economy Class

This category is offered only on a few Airbus A380 aircrafts in Emirates’ fleet. Fully stretchable luxurious cream leather seats, more legroom, adjustable headrest and deeper recline are some of the features of this cabin. You can enjoy regional and exotic tastes by choosing them from a long list of cuisines in the menu. There is a separate and specious foldable wooden table to keep your drinks or food items and enjoy it with more comfort. You can also choose your drinks from a wide range of options. A 13.3 in HD tv lets you enjoy thousand of movies, TV shows, albums through wireless and Bluetooth enabled headphones. High speed wi-fi service lets you connect to the world throughout your journey. You are also offered a reusable amenity kit, sustainable blanket, large pillows to make your journey more convenient and comfortable.

4- Economy Class

Emirates’ Economy class doesn’t compromise with your comfort. It offers 31-32 in long seat pitch on Airbus aircrafts and 34 in on Boeing aircrafts. There are ten seats per row in Boeing 777 fleet. All seats are equipped with adjustable headrests, a 300 channel ICE in-flight entertainment system and in-seat laptop power outlets on newer aircraft. This cabin is known for excellent service, sheer comfort, great tastes, numerous entertainment options and amazing travel experience.

Baggage Allowance

Emirates offers a generous baggage allowance. You are suggested to go through the Emirates’ baggage policy before your travel by an Emirates Flight.

Emirates’ Carry-on Baggage or Cabin Baggage

Carry-on baggage allowance may vary depending on your routes, travel class or membership. Generally Emirates allow the following-

Economy Class Cabin Baggage Allowance-

Maximum weight- 7 kg

Maximum dimension- not exceed 55 cm X 38 cm X 20 cm

Premium Economy Class Cabin Baggage Allowance-

Maximum weight- 10 kg

Maximum dimension- not exceed 55 cm X 38 cm X 20 cm

Business and First Class Cabin Baggage Allowance-

Maximum weight- 7 kg (carry-on) + 7 kg (briefcase or garment bag)

Maximum dimension- Briefcase may not exceed 45 cm X 35 cm X 20 cm

Handbag may not exceed 55 cm X 38 cm X 20 cm

Note: All cabin baggage must fit either under seats in front of you or in the overhead lockers.

Emirates’ Checked Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance is based on the total weight of all your baggage.

You can check-in as many bags as you want up to the weight allowance for your travel class. Each individual bag must not weigh more than 32 kg.

The weight concept applies to all routes, except when you travel to and from Americas and Africa.

You can get an idea of the checked baggage allowance by Emirates through the following general allowances-


Economy class

Special- 20 kg (25 kg for flights between UAE and India)

Saver- 25 kg (30 kg for journeys originating from Australia and New Zealand for tickets issued on or after 26 November 2019)

Flex- 30 Kg

Flex Plus – 35 Kg

Premium Economy Class – 35 Kg

Business Class – 40 Kg

First Class – 50 Kg

Size Dimension

The dimension of any individual bag must not exceed 300 cm (118 in). exceeding this limit may result in extra baggage charges and the baggage may not be accepted as checked baggage.

Note: All the above size and weight limit may vary when you travel to or from some specific destinations. (check the official website of The Emirates)

Over-sized or over weight baggage charges

These charges also depend on the origin locations or destinations you’re travelling to. For USA and Canada they are as follows-

Flights to/from the Americas and flights to/from Africa

Overweight- $75,

Oversized- $75

Overweight and Oversized- $150

Flights to/from Canada

Overweight- CAD 95,

Oversized- CAD 95

Overweight and Oversized- CAD 185

Emirates’ Cancellation and Refund Policy

Emirates ensures the convenience and satisfaction of its customers. Their cancellation and refund rules are very transparent and user friendly. You can make any changes to your booking or cancel any of your tickets booked for Emirates. Just go to Manage Your Booking section on the Emirates.com. You can also receive full refund if your cancellation is under the ‘full refund conditions’ of Emirates.

Emirates Flight Cancellation with Full Refund

1. According to the emirate’s cancelation policy, a passenger who purchases the fully refundable ticket can get a full refund of their amount. Any other passenger will not be able to get a full refund, but they can get a refund after deducting the cancellation fee.

3. If you purchase the ticket from the official website of Emirates airlines before seven days of the boarding date and want to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, you do not need to pay any charges to the airline.

4. There are many circumstances when Emirates cancel the flight. In that case passengers will be taken care by the Emirates on the airport and Emirates will be liable to arrange a new flight for them. If a passenger wants a complete refund in this situation, they can also raise a request for it.

5. If your flights delay more than four hours, you are also eligible to take a complete refund.

6. If your flight/flights are cancelled by Emirates airlines, and the new airline’s timings or the facility will not suit, you also get a complete refund.

7. In case of any medical emergency that happens with the passenger 30 days after the boarding date, the passenger needs to show the medical certificate to the officials of Emirates airlines.

8. If any death occurs in the family of the passenger, then they do need to do any documentation. They can cancel the flight immediately and gets a complete refund.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges-Special Fares (Business, Economy)

Emirates provides the facility of special fares on some special occasions, and in terms of the cancellation policy of Emirates, those fares are not refundable and not upgradeable.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges-Saver Fare (Business, Economy)

Regarding the Emirates cancellation policy, the passenger will get the saver fares that are costlier than special fares, and it will be cancelled for free.

If any international flight of Emirates is departing from the united states, then USD 300 for economy saver fares and USD 400 for business saver fares.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges-Economy Flex, Business Flex, First Class Flex Fares

According to Emirates cancelation policy, flex fares are cancelled without paying any additional cost. The fee for the flights departing from the united states are-

· For economy class, flex fares are around 200 USD

· For business, flex fares are between 400 USD if you cancel before the departure time of the flight and if you cancel after the departure time of the flight, then 1000 USD

· First flex fares are around 400 USD

Emirates Airlines Refund Policy

Here are the important considerations from the Emirates Airlines ticket cancellation refund policy –

• Emirates cancel refund would be processed only on the unused portion of the ticket.

• Emirates cancelled flight refund would only be eligible if the scheduled departure flight fails to operate and the passenger is notified within 2 weeks.

• As per Emirates cancellation policy, the due refund to be processed to the person named on the ticket or the person who paid for the Emirates Airways booking.

• Emirates cancellation refund would be processed back to the original form of payment in 7-10 business days.

• In the case of Emirates flight cancellation, the refund value would be the amount equal to the fare paid at the time of booking minus the Emirates flight cancellation fee of 200 USD.

• The airlines will not process Emirates cancel flight refund if the cancellation request is made later than six months after the scheduled travel was completed.